Thursday, August 2, 2007


And you can see her
Before it cracks and goes out
She throws rocks at streetlights
Keeps the streetlight changer busy

"This gradual loosening of traditional standards, encouraged by such poet-critics as Bob Grumman, has resulted in the word haiku being applied to brief, mathematical "poems," ("mathemaku") and to visual poetry by Scott Helms. This attempt at stretching definitions of haiku can be considered excessive, but Grumman attempts to defend his position by pointing to a similar blurring of definitional boundaries in Japan."

An interlude ("between play") is:
1. In music/theatre, as a separate creation/movement (see also overview of the different meanings of interlude in the Entr'acte article):
1.1 a short play or, in general, any representation between parts of a larger stage production: see entr'acte.
1.2 a piece of music composed of one or more movements, to be inserted between sections of another composition: see also intermezzo, and for the Baroque era: sinfonia.
2. In music, as part of a single movement:
2.1 a section in a movement of a musical piece, see: Bridge or Break.
3. General:
3.1 a period of time between or interrupting a larger one.

Alan: couldn't think of another verse

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Inverarity said...

As an amateur astronomer, this song warms my heart immensely.

Too bad they're so sturdy these days...