Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The tyranny of distance

How much do I want to attend one (or more) of these shows? So much that it actually hurts a little. I hope all Low fans anywhere near Houston, NYC, Middletown or Minneapolis manage to get to one of those shows, because this sounds incredible:

Providing the musical backdrop to Thorson's piece, Heaven, Alan and Mimi are providing original music and vocal orchestration. Heaven examines the trinity of dance, music and light while exploring the various manifestations of ecstasy in religious practices and the ritualistic nature of dance.

I guess I'll just hope against hope they make their way to Toronto at some point.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Checking in

Plans have been long underway to get TMW,TMW dusted off and working again, and hopefully that'll happen soon, but for now a little tidbit from maybe my favourite general purpose pop culture website, the Onion AV Club: They included "Mom Says" in their list "Don’t try to wake me in the morning: 36 (mostly excellent) songs to soundtrack your suicide." And while that title makes it sound a bit broader, almost all the songs I know on the list are rather more explicitly about ending your own life. The relevant bit:

The depressives in Low understood the Bee Gees’ pain—they once covered “I Started A Joke” (as did Faith No More, but in a much funnier way). But Low has its own corner of the market dedicated to life’s darkest moments. "Mom Says," from The Curtain Hits the Cast, doesn’t reference death or even despair, but its vocals and lyrics are so haunting that when the final line comes — "Mom says we ruined her body" — it’s almost too much to take.

I'm torn: on the one hand, given the focus of much of the list, I'm not sure at all that "Mom Says" ought to be on that list (and it's certainly never made me think of suicide, although juxtaposing that thought with the closing line of the song makes me shudder a little). But on the other, I love that song and I love Low, and it's hard not to feel a little thrill at seeing them included like that. Partly (sadly?) for the validation of having someone else love what you love but more, I think, because there's this moment of someone reading this article might seek out Low and fall just as hard for them as I have.

I should also note that "Do You Know How to Waltz?" made their perfectly fine list of great 10 minute plus songs (although really AV Club, no "Station to Station" or "Yoo Doo Right"?). I don't know when the AV Club added a writer who loves Low, or whatever, but if it means they'll be showing up on lists like these with roughly the frequency that I'd put them on there, I'm happy.