Monday, December 10, 2007

The last time(?)

I should have posted here a week or so ago... I'm on my last push to get the first draft of my thesis out, and I can't really justify doing any more posts here until that's done. It might be a little while (end of January should be the very latest), and after that things should get back to normal on a permanent basis; editing and re-writing never takes as long as writing does. Sorry about the delay, as always there is an RSS feed available for those who want to keep tabs.


WHT said...

Checkout the offshoot that Low did several years ago called "Hospital People". If you can find it anywhere. Fading from my memory because I can't.

Ian said...

You know, I've heard of that... no idea how to find them, though. I'll check it out. I think it was Alan and Zak?