Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glorious appearing

Yes, we're still trucking on here. I have no idea what happened to May, let alone most of June; I've been sick, but believe me this thing will continue to be intermittently updated at the very worst. Once I get some other commitments dealt with I am thinking of returning to a regular schedule to polish off the rest of Low's songography, because this is getting ridiculous! So keep watching those RSS feeds. But I've got quite the treat to tide you over until then...

Thanks again to my friend Erik, who pointed me to this ILM thread that contains two massive MP3s that contain a gobsmacking two and a half hour long set Low played at a festival in the Netherlands. Twenty-five songs, and check out that setlist:


David Dramm:
01. The Wheel of Catherina

02. Amazing Grace
03. Sunflower
04. In Metal
05. Candy Girl
06. Dinosaur Act
07. Kind of Girl
08. Point of Disgust
09. Whitetail
10. Canada
11. Belarus
12. Breaker
13. Silver Rider
14. Shots and Ladders


01. July
02. Pretty People
03. Take Your Time
04. Monkey
05. Everybody's Song
06. The Lamb / Blood of the Lamb
07. Violent Past
08. Laser Beam
09. In Silence
10. Always Fade
11. Dragonfly
12. Murderer
13. &20 (My Love (is for Free)) [I have no idea what this is yet, no]
14. Sandinista
15. When I Go Deaf (with David Dramm)

Partly as an act of contrition for being so slack, and partly because I'd do it anyways for my own edification, I'm going to get going on trying to break these two MP3s (each two hours long!) broken up into songs and post some uploads of the concert broken down properly once I've got it done. So like I say, keep watching those RSS feeds...


Ian said...

Copying and pasting from ILM for convenience and posterity:

"LOW played a unique (one time only) 2 and a half hour, 25 song concert in Eindhoven, the Netherlands (Catharina church) on January 22nd of 2009. (Crosslinx festival)

It was a collaboration with David Dramm and these were the players: (I just copy/pasted/translated this from )

Low: Alan Sparhawk, voice, guitar. Mimi Parker: voice, percussion. Steve Garrington: bass guitar.
VocalLab: Bauwien van der Meer, Elsbeth Gerritsen, Fanny Alofs, Christian Damsgaard, Job Hubatka
Margarita Kourtparadisou, Marcel Andriessen: percussion.
Dominik Blum (Steamboat Switzerland) : church organ, Hammond B3, piano, Korg.
David Dramm: arrangements.

recorded at the Catharinakerk Eindhoven, 22-1-2009.
recording technician: Kees van de Wiel

The whole concert was broadcast in two parts on the Dutch (online?) radio station Concertzender on May 18th and yesterday and the streams are still available on demand."

Ian said...

Also, further comments have alerted me to the fact that the name of the event is Heartland, not Crosslinx.