Saturday, June 9, 2007


Ze links are updated, and an especial welcome extended to Kyle of All My Little Words, whom I inadvertantly pre-empted with this blog (just to note, if Low had been taken I think I would have gone with Belle & Sebastian, a band with a manageable catalog and about which I have much more mixed opinions). Any future oeuvreblogs that I hear about will be added there, unless they really piss me off or something. Things return to normality here on Monday; the week got busier than I expected, and I'm still extremely tired. For now go out and watch Knocked Up and something - I'm currently trying to figure out whether I want to write up "Canada" or "Breaker" for Monday.


Inverarity said...

Here's a vote for Breaker, my favorite song of 2007. I've been dying to discuss it since the fantastic video was released. I liked the Retribution Gospel Choir version, but the Low recording is on another plane entirely.

Ian said...

I wasn't aware there was another version - I'd love to do this song tomorrow, but I don't suppose I could prevail you to email an MP3 of the other one to imathers at gmail dot com? I might hold off a few days to process that one first. And yes, the video is great, one of my favourites of the year.