Tuesday, June 26, 2007


one of those songs that just falls in your lap. sounds like an old song - maybe because of the folk harmonies.

That's Alan. And "Sea" certainly did fall into my lap - I didn't have time to do an entry before going to work, and seeking something I could do relatively quickly (I have belatedly become addicted to those Star Wars Lego video games, despite a basic dislike of Star Wars; I skip the cut scenes and get to secret-finding). I was looking for "Streetlight" and thought it was on I Could Live in Hope. It's not but the sub-two minute "Sea" is. And as someone is sleeping the room I type this in, I'm listening to "Sea" on a loop at an extremely low volume. I could get headphones, but I kind of like the effect. Alan and Mimi are just murmuring "The sea is a long, long way / from me" over and over, and it's way too late and I need to get to sleep. "Sea" doesn't grab me very often, and really on record it's basically a pause between "Lullaby" and "Down" (9:46 and 7:24, respectively). It's not a bad song, just one of the less consequential tracks Low have ever put on an album. I'm actually kind of glad I've just spent 40 minutes listening to it; this project, if nothing else, is giving me a whole new appreciaton for this sort of thing.

Important note: We have another new oeuvreblog, the excellently named Music From a Bachelor's Den, where Michael is going over Pulp. This Is Hardcore is one of those records from 1997 I secretly love far more than the more high profile records released that year, so I look forward to seeing how he does; his link is in the sidebar.

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nuisance said...

I love "Sea".
Love it, love it, love it!